Our Lady of Guadalupe

Twenty three years ago today, I was In Mexico City for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Indeed, it was a memorable experience, which I will always remember.

I came to realize at this time that the black ribbon around the waist of the image of the virgin means that she is pregnant. It is only of the past few years that we see statues or images of Mary as a pregnant woman. And years ago when I read the story of Juan Diego, I became aware that he was a poor Indian and Mary appeared to a lower class of society.

So this day has now been an occasion for me to pray and think about how I might help pregnant women and the poorer classes of society. We actually do that here at Mount Michael by our participation in programs that protect the unborn and help pregnant women— like EPS, Bethlehem House and others. We also go on mission trips to help people who need the essentials of life.

Pregnant women and the poor of the world are a bit of what the Feast is about!!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!!!

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