Twins; Feast of St. Scholastica

A Blessing is given

Ryan McMann ’21, (brother Quinn ’21 not present) Liam West ’21 (sister not present), Dan Thomas ’21 (sister not present), Sister Carol Jean VanDenHemel OSB, Matt Janecek ’22, Charlie Janecek ’22.

Saint Scholastica is the twin sister of St. Benedict.  On her feast day we have a special blessing for our Benedictine sister, Sister Carol Jean who teaches theology, and our 4 sets of fraternal twins.

Prior John’s Blessing:
Heavenly Father, today as we celebrate St. Scholastica, we ask your blessing to descend upon all Benedictines today, but particularly our sister Benedictines throughout the whole world. Scholastica schooled her own twin brother Benedict in spiritual matters, and many, many Benedictine sisters have schooled many, many children and adults throughout the whole world. Bless them all and especially bless Sr. Carol Jean, our own Benedictine who has served many years here at Mount Michael.

Today is also a day about twins — what a joy for parents to be doubly blessed at birth with not just one child but two. So we bless our Mount Michael twins before us today. In some ways, you have a jump start on the rest of us in living community life, for you started at conception in your mothers’ wombs to live together. May God the Father’s blessing descend upon you and my you doubly bless your parents always and forever. Amen

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