Beautiful Trees —- Praising the Lord

Photo of Fall Foliage

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When I was studying Theology at St John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, I met monks from St. John’s who composed music. I shall always be fond of the texts and music of Bryan Hayes OSB. I am particularly reminded of his adaption of Psalm 52 – THE OLIVE TREE these days when our own trees are really putting on a fantastic show. Hayes uses mostly trees of the bible, but one could substitute any tree in his verses. It goes like this:

For I am like a growing olive tree
In the house of God My Savior
For I am like a growing olive tree
In the house of the Lord forever.
I will sing your goodness all the day,
I forever trust your kindness,
In the presence of your saints O Lord,
I will praise your name forever.

Then each following verse changes the tree — almond tree, fig tree, apple tree, walnut tree, a fragrant cinnamon.
Trees praise the Lord as well as we do!! And right now many of the trees are praising the Lord with glorious splendor!

Fr. John Hagemann OSB