New Prayer Room in School

When numerous Mount Michael students were are on the Benedictine Mission/Pilgrimage trip in Norfolk, the sisters gave a wonderful tour of their building. The top floor is basically used for spirituality — especially retreats. There are numerous rooms for prayer and quiet for all sorts of different groups who come to this Benedictine Spirituality Center. And having seen these places, the seniors— particularly Jacob Benes— asked if Mount Michael could have a place like these prayer rooms in our school building. So shortly after the mission trip, I asked Dr. Peters if we could use the room that most recently was an office room for numerous teachers. Actually, is was the Guest Dining Room many years ago and was always a very pleasant and peaceful place. Dr. Peters agreed to allow us to use the room as a prayer place and Br. Jerome did not lose any time regaining the same pleasantness and atmosphere of quiet and prayer. We have already used this prayer room for Lectio and for the Oblate Program. Fr. john