Farmer’s Market

It is all about hospitality, a Benedictine virtue. Br. Jerome Kmiecik OSB, who operates the Guest House, thought those who come to dine at the Guest House would love to partake of fresh veggies from Mount Michael’s Garden. We went from expanding his luncheon menu to a fully developed Farmers’ Market. Perhaps it began some 10-15 years ago. one loses tract of time. I, Fr. John Hagemann OSB, grow the veggies and flowers sold at the Farmers’ Market. This year I am putting more emphasis on flowers, but there will also be vegetables as well. Through the help of the Development Office, we are introducing a wider audience to the Market and what is available every week. We hope to see you at the Market when we are open. It may be more than just Saturdays! Keep in contact with us for hours and what is available.

Contact Information: or 402-596-5393