Easter Triduum

With students going home for Easter break preparations and celebrations of the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter were undertaken.

On Holy Thursday six students made a full day retreat at the monastery including a celebratory dinner and the evening Eucharist. Bro. Jerome, Fr. John, and Bro. August led 3 reflections for the retreatants during the day. The students participating were Andrew Nigro ’18, Dash Wedergren ’18, Jimmy Crotty ’19, Trevin Detwiler ’19, Gerald Righter ’19, and John Scholl ’20.
Holy Thursday Photos

The Good Friday service at 3:00pm was well attended as usual.
Good Friday Photos

At the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, three individuals were welcomed into the Catholic faith. Leo Li ’18, Jerry Fan ’20, and Mr. Robert Coon the father of alumni Caleb and Conner Coon. In addition Andrew Shellberg ’19 and Lincoln Badley ’21 were Confirmed.
Easter Vigil Photos

Photo of those Baptized & Confirmed

Liam West (Sponsor) Andrew Shellberg, Lincoln Badley, Abbot Michael, Leo Li, Jacob Idra (Sponsor) Fr. John (Sponsor), Jerry Fan, Robert Coon, Caleb Coon (Sponsor)